Range Rules

The word “Range” applies to the Pistol and Rifle ranges on our property.

  1. The Lower Pottsgrove Sportsmen’s Association (LPSA) will operate under standard National Rifle Association (NRA) rules or other affiliates as applicable.
  2. All members are designated range officers and it is the shooter’s responsibility to see that all rules are obeyed. Should any member see another shooter or member violating the rules, he/she should approach him/her in a gentleman-like manner and remind him/her of the rules.
  3. Any member who becomes abusive to any other member for any reason while on the range will be reported to the club member in charge at the bar and also the LPSA Board of Directors.
  4. Fully automatic weapons, semi-automatic rifles, tracer rounds and .50 BMG rounds are prohibited.
  5. Membership ID cards must be available upon request.
  6. The Range hours are as posted by the club inside the bar.
  7. The Range will be closed for special events as posted by LPSA.
  8. A sign-in/sign-out roster must be logged at all times. The roster is kept with the bartender on duty and can be accessed by her/him.
  9. All eligible guests must be logged in and accompanied by a member in good standing. All guests will sign a Release from Liability form.
  10. All uncased firearms being transported to and from the range must have actions open.
  11. While on the pistol and rifle ranges, all firearms must be kept unloaded until on the firing line.
  12. During any cease fire to hang or remove targets, all shooters must acknowledge that they are aware of the cease fire call. All firearm actions must be opened when any cease fire is called. No one is permitted to touch their firearm for any reason when others are down range changing or removing targets.
  13. All firearms will have the muzzle pointing downrange while on the firing line. The 170° rule shall apply. All firing will be done from behind the firing line.
  14. The use of drugs or alcohol before or during shooting is prohibited.
  15. Safety glasses and ear protection must be worn when on or near the firing line.
  16. Threatening behavior whether verbal or physical is prohibited.  Violations will result in immediate disciplinary action.
  17. Only paper targets are permitted on the pistol or file range. The only exception is when a special event is scheduled and is under the direction of a range safety officer. All paper targets must be properly mounted on LPSA approved target stands. Shooting at objects on the ground is prohibited. Targets must be placed so that bullet impact will not damage main target supports or cross beams. When leaving the range, all targets must be disposed of properly.
  18. Use of multi-pellet shot shells on the rifle or pistol range is prohibited.
  19. Muzzleloaders are to be used on the 100 yard rifle range only.
  20. Handling or touching guns when a range is declared cold is prohibited.
  21. Squib rounds and miss-fires (unspent) must be placed in the container provided. Do not place in trash cans.
  22. Spent brass must be placed in the container provided. Do not place in trash cans.
  23. PLEASE clean up your brass after shooting.
  24. All guests, shooting and non-shooting, are subject to the same rules and bylaws as members and it is the responsibility of the member to ensure that their guests are in compliance.
  25. Guests may only shoot at SPECIAL REGULATED EVENTS.
  26. All incidents involving safety procedures or injury must be written up on the Club’s Incident Report, found in the sign-in book. An officer of LPSA must be contacted after any emergency procedures are initiated.
  27. ANY VIOLATION of the above rules may result in suspension or expulsion from LPSA.

LPSA Board of Directors
October 1, 2008